What prizes can I win?

There are three Grand Prizes of $50,000 and up to $1 million in Secondary Cash Prizes that you have a chance to win.

How do I win the prizes?

There are two ways to win the prizes:

Grand Prize: Purchase the specially marked products in store to find a Winning Ticket of $50,000 in cash or see the Rules and Regulations for No Purchase Necessary method at www.tearopenandwin.ca

Secondary Prizes: To enter for the chance to win a Secondary Prize, you must first obtain a valid UPC Code and visit www.tearopenandwin.ca and follow the on-screen instructions. For more information on how to win Secondary Prizes  and No Purchase Necessary method, see Rules and Regulations at  www.tearopenandwin.ca

What are the participating products for the contest?

The following products which are flashed with the Tear Open & Win contest on pack are eligible for the Grand Prize:

  • Scotties®’ Original 6-pack
  • Scotties®’ Supreme 6-pack
  • SpongeTowels® Ultra 6s
  • SpongeTowels® Ultra Giant 12s
  • SpongeTowels® Ultra Mega 6s
  • Cashmere® Base Double Roll 12s
  • Cashmere® Ultra 3 Ply Double Roll 12s
  • Cashmere® Triple Roll 12s
  • Purex® Base Double Roll 12s
  • Purex® Ultra 3 Ply Double Roll 12s
  • Purex® Triple Roll 12s

Only valid UPC’s from all Cashmere®, Purex®, SpongeTowels® or Scotties®’ products can be entered for a chance to win a Secondary Prize.

How do I know If I have found a Grand Prize Winning Ticket?

You will know if you have found a Grand Prize Winning Ticket if you tear open a participating product or envelope (for no purchase necessary entrants)  and see an insert that says you are a Potential Winner of $50,000.  There will be a total of 3 Winning Tickets available to be found within the participating products or within no purchase necessary envelopes. For more information on how to win a Grand Prize, see the Rules and Regulations at: www.tearopenandwin.ca

Who do I contact if I find a Grand Prize Winning Ticket?

If you find an eligible Winning Ticket, then you must email tearopenandwin@spiderms.ca  on or before 11:59:59 p.m. EST on November 14, 2019 and follow the instructions sent to you. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can be officially qualified as a Grand Prize winner

Who can I contact with any questions on the contest?

For any queries on the contest,

you may email: tearopenandwin@spiderms.ca